Took the EU job

Two weeks in London a quarter, we’ll see how that works out. The first one may be in December. December in London! Hee hee hee.

Clearly makes writing more difficult, not sure how I’m going to manage that, but uh… gotta keep the lights on at Haus Zumsteg. And my car’s latest repair bill is likely to approach its value, for the second time this year. Which is awesome. Not that I drive much, but… sigh.

One thought on “Took the EU job

  1. rich

    Derek, if the urge takes you, drop me a line when you’re in London. One of the best things about our city is its sports stadia, a strange and impressive collection. Anyway, I’ve got season tickets at Craven Cottage, Fulham (I guess the nearest thing to an old Polo Grounds perhaps) so if you want to catch a match just give me the nod.


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