My nice day

I had a bad end of the week last week, as I got weirdly sick Friday afternoon, and even after I started to feel better Saturday I still had a nagging, painful headache.

Today, things finally cleared up. It was a beautiful day, clear and sunny, I had a car available as my parents generously loaned their Passat to us (Jill and I are currently down to one car that sometimes won’t start, which is not a good situation), I took a bus into Seattle to a cool donut shop with delicious coffee to meet some other previous Clarionites for story crits, came back, made some dinner, did some work, and then I felt like I really wanted to get a bike ride in, but it was getting late – so I did.

And it was awesome. It’s always great getting some exercise in after being waylaid by illness, but the sun was low, the western sky was bright orange as I toodled along, it was nice and cool, traffic light… I was smiling almost the whole time. Streetlights came on as I came up the final street to my house, so I timed it almost perfectly.

Ahhhh… biking. If only someone would pay me to write a bicycling book.

(looks over in the direction of Boston)

I saiiiiiddd… if only someone would pay me to write a bicycling book.


3 thoughts on “My nice day

  1. joel

    I went for a bike ride too on sunday — up over Cougar Mountain (Lake Mt. side). I thought about calling, but, it was a spur of the moment thing after Polly rolled to Yoga. Great fun. I even escaped from a fairly quick team down at the south end of the lake. Much to their shouted annoyance.

    On the topic of bike books. I’ve browsed though tons from the local big box stores to the small sections in bike shops. I’ve never found a good book on maintenance much less riding and training. Example: my descending sucks. Just totally blows. Reading about technique in “Serious Cycling” provides pap answers like: “lean into the turn,” “keep your knees in,” “smoothly apply the brakes.” Thanks guys, I never would have guessed that. Discussion on exercises and tips for improving my speed are nonexistent. Don’t even look for a good description on echelon to try and beat crosswinds.

  2. kenshin

    sigh….my clever sarcasm tags did nto survive the html translation…anyways don’t let it drip on you.

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