“Buy this product and all women will be yours”


As satisfying to the Genghis Khan deep selfish gene part of my brain that might be, do you have any idea what a hassle that would be? It sounds like it wouldn’t even be much of a choice. I buy the product and bam, I’m in charge of at least 1.5b women. And it wouldn’t

Of course “be yours” might not mean they’re mine. It might mean they’re loyal to me, or, given the context, that they’re receptive to amorous advances, which from a practical standpoint would be more manageable – I wouldn’t have to come up with any kind of political system, or hierarchy. There’s no additional context in the message, though.

But what if I don’t buy it? If they’re marketing a product that gives the purchaser ownership of all women, my marriage is in trouble. I have to buy it, for my wife’s sake. What to do? Stupid spam, with your strange moral quandries!

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  1. Anonymous

    I think the exclusion of married women is implied in the ad…unless of course you’re wife is really hot.

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