29! 29!

I went to Amazon today at 11 to see if I could snag an Xbox 360 for $100.

I saw the “get this deal” button. I clicked it. I got the verification page, which asked me “what is 15 plus 14?”

I put “29” clicked the “I agree…” to the T&C, and submitted.

REJECTED! That answer was invalid. I got the second one, and…

When I got the “no longer available” message, under a minute had passed.

Now, I don’t know if that messed up rejection notice cost me my chance, but… ARRGGHHH. I blame our public school system.

2 thoughts on “29! 29!

  1. Coach Owens

    So you’re getting mad at a website that put your book up for sale way before any other website because you missed out on one of those little “5 dollar off” offers? I don’t get that.

  2. DMZ

    a) Amazon didn’t put my book up for pre-sale out of the goodness of their heart or any kindness to me

    b) I’m not mad. I’m disappointed, but I never expected I’d get one. The joke is that for a moment, I had a hope, but was undone by something designed to verify that I was human, which I was.

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