Copy editing Cheater’s Guide

I’m deep into the copy edits for “The Cheater’s Guide to Baseball” now. Since people seem to be interested in the process of getting this thing to press, I have scanned the first marked up page for your amusement.

Check it out now, before I have to take it down. The spots that are marked “AQ001” are where it diverges into the editor’s comments at the back of the chapter.

There are approximately… four hundred pages of copy edits just like that one to get through. I have a week. Plus a bunch of inserts/updates/etc.

I love this book, I really do, but there’s no denying that I traded two years of my life for it. I hope everyone thinks it’s worth it.

I’ve bought a lot of coffee beans for the coming week (btw, if anyone knows of a good place on the eastside I can buy freshly-roasted high-quality beans, please, please let me know).

Red-hot update: I got through 40 pages today. This made me want to:
– scream
– shoot myself
– rewrite the whole book from scratch
– drink heavily