Sales rank

Sooo like all authors with books due out or already released, it took me about two seconds to become addicted to watching my sales rank, which is kind of ridiculous since we’re at least three months from release.

And yet… I sat down just now to check for the first time all day, and I found I was at 7,975 – and the book had been as high as 6,379 today (!) which would make it the tenth-best-selling baseball book on the market.

Boggle. It’s weird, I spent years working on the book, the whole time not willing to let myself believe that it was certainly going to come to anything, and though until it releases we won’t know how it’s going to do, I’m heartened that it’s hovered at about ~100,000, which is a pretty good sales rank for a book with a skeleton page that doesn’t have any description, a cover, a table of contents… anything.

I’m entirely ready to see it drop for the next three months, as USSMers willing to pre-order all pre-order, but it’s been great to see the numbers bounce around and know that behind them, there are people willing to plunk down money because they have faith that it’ll be worth it. That’s awesome, and it makes me want to go through the whole thing one more time, looking for anything I can possibly improve at this late stage.