Proquest sucks, an example

June 4, 1974, was 10-cent beer night, one of the most notorious riots at a ballgame ever (along with Disco night).

Search Proquest Newspapers for any string, even as simple as “indians” between 6/4/197 and 6/6/1974

No documents found.

Search Proquest’s “Historical New York Times” for those specific dates, and you’ll turn up the NYT coverage.

The more I have to use search tools, the more I love Google. Type an operator, shit happens.

2 thoughts on “Proquest sucks, an example

  1. Scraps

    Funny, I’ve been getting increasingly dissatisfied with Google, and find myself turning back to AltaVista. Almost any time I search Google on a broad subject these days — a band, say — I get tons of commercial results burying the useful ones.

  2. DMZ

    Oh, I know. I’ve got a whole post on how Google has undermined the web by accident.

    My point though was more that if you type “x not y” into Google, or any reasonably developed search engine, they generally obey the rules. There isn’t a set of results for x that only turn up if you search for “y and x not z not y” or whatever, like Proquest is doing to me

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