Life of a good idea: implementation looms

So my Great Idea, which I lobbied for and shopped, which finally started to move as I was on my way out (and which I almost stuck around for) looks like it’s going to go out in a couple weeks, while I’m in Europe.

I understand that if I rejoin Expedia I can get credited in the press release, but otherwise will not be mentioned, which… I don’t know, I understand that I’m not there and they’re not going to issue a press release that says “thanks for the original idea and detailed implementation plan to Derek Zumsteg, who has since left” but I’d still like credit.

Anyway, I said early on that I didn’t care whose name was on it as long as it got done. I meant it, and it looks like that’ll happen. When it happens, if I’m around. I’ll post a long discussion of what happened and how the idea originated.

Back to the book.