I’m an idiot

In case you weren’t already of that opinion

My resume’s got all kinds of impressive, huge stuff, doing anti-fraud measures that saved millions of dollars, building out cryptography systems, whatever.

I can’t get my Aeropress to make good coffee. I’m baffled. I think this means I get sent back to coffee from crystals or something.

Seriously, it’s
– ground beans
– hot water
– a plunger

And all I’ve gotten out of it so far is some really weak stuff I wouldn’t use to water a plant. I’m ashamed of myself.

1 thought on “I’m an idiot

  1. Joel

    I don’t know about the Aeropress, I’m a big fan of the french press. There’s something nice and historical about that — heat water, mix with solid coffee and, strain out most particulates. Simple, to the point, no filters to change and coffee has been made like this since people decided drinking hot, bitter things tasted good.

    Of course I’m now almost completely desensitized to caffeine so perhaps my advice isn’t the best…

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