The impact of one bug

I’ve been using Mozilla/Thunderbird since early versions. I’ve been through crappy point releases, weird UI, the whole thing. I’m starting to abandon it, though, because there’s one serious bug that drives me nuts, and no one seems to care.

Say I’m in a text box, like the one I’m in right now. If I type one of a couple characters – the single quote ‘, the forward slash /, for instance, it brings up the find dialogue and then my text goes there.

The problem is that this doesn’t happen every time (like it’s not happening now) but it does happen most of the time, and I type really fast. So if I’m on USSM typing a post out and it happens, before I know it I’ve typed a whole set of words in there and I’m angry.

You can go search for this bug and find angry references, fixes that don’t quite work, but there’s no plans to fix it. So I’m drifting off to IE 7 and other browsers.

One bad UI bug, and I’m so frustrated and angry I’m tossing the product. If this was a shrink-wrapped piece of software, or a website issue, the lost sales would get this ripped out in a week, if that.

Bye Firefox. It was fun for a while.

1 thought on “The impact of one bug

  1. PositivePaul

    But… But… But…

    Well, there’s always Opera.

    (okay, I’ll admit that I actually do kinda like IE 7)

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