Life of a good idea 4: infection vectors

Got another director today, and we may have a way to get a chance to pitch right to the top. Other iterations on things we can do with the idea have come up, some of them unexpected.

Getting a chance to pitch the big boss would mean I don’t reduce the mini-spec to 1 page but instead, as I heard today, “5 perfect slides”. No pressure, though.

It’s cool too to toss around potential impacts of the idea, as well — I think our competitors have to copy it immediately, and it might well spread outside of the industry really fast and make an even larger secondary impact on other industries outside of ours. Everyone who flips over the idea when I pitch it seems to have a follow-up reaction of “and wait, I’ve been thinking about this, and it’s potentially much larger than this–” to which I smile and nod.

Further iterations and refinement, and maybe I’m pitching the folks at the top soon.