Life of a good idea 3: the idea spreads

More people saw it, and more people volunteered. The short spec’s been refined with some feedback.

It looks like the next barrier’s going to be finding executive sponsorship. Some people have been concerned that the idea’s going to be denied because it doesn’t fit well enough with the brand concept of the day, or whatever.

The next step’s going to be distilling it down into a one-pager that can be presented to exec types and win them over. There’s no mechanism at Expedia for small, cool ideas to percolate up (and again, I’ve fought this for a long time), so I need to find someone in power and say “here’s how this idea helps Expedia and you” and hope they bite.

That convincing executives is different than shopping the idea to my peers and having everyone want to volunteer to build it is a understandable but a little depressing.