Madness of crowds

Okay, first, this has absolutely nothing to do with my current job, which I recently quit but have not yet left. No, really.

Why do companies make large, insane decisions? If I decided that every developer at my company had to spend half their day sweeping out the parking garage, they’d all quit — and anyone could tell me that. It’d be crazy to implement that, no matter how dirty the garage was.

But a lot of executive-level decisions are like that. “We need an underserved market… Hey, let’s go give out cell phones to people in prison for cell phone fraud if they sign up for a year’s service! What could go wrong?”

2 thoughts on “Madness of crowds

  1. Deanna

    You quit your job, Derek? For greener pastures or to do baseball stuff full-time?

    I’ve enjoyed reading your Australia adventures. You need to post more of them!

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