One less customer

Businesses are dumb. I used to buy almost all my DVDs from because they had great prices, shipped out fast, and I never had a problem. Then they started sending me offers.

I hate spam. But whatever, right, they launch some offer newsletter to their customers, that’s bad because I didn’t consent to receive marketing emails, but there are worse things. I unsubscribe.

Kept coming. They’re garish things, awful to look at — today’s was bright yellow, and I now I’m using spam blockers against a company I did business with for years because they won’t stop sending me these things.

I’m never buying from them again.

What amazes me though is that this had to go through at least a couple of people, none of whom thought it was a bad idea and stopped it.

– Let’s start a newsletter (okay)
– We could try to sign people up on the site when they order (nah)
– We could even send a one-time announcement to people who’ve ordered with us before (nope)
– Let’s sign up everyone who ever signed up with us, knowing that some portion of them are going to get really mad (hey, that’s great, more signups = $$$)
– Let’s make sure that there’s no way for them to unsubscribe (yeah, why bother, these offer emails are great)
– Let’s make them so horribly awful to look at people’s retinas explode even if they only glance at it for a second while deleting it or sending it to their spam filter to learn (sure, people with no retinas buy lots of DVDs)

And then, presumably
– Why did all these frequent buyers stop shopping with us (huh)
– We should send out more email offers to make up for the drop in sales (yeah!)

So… good job, DeepDiscountDVD. I will go find a better place to feed my crazy movie habit.