Simpler Days, #2

“I love talking to new users, they’re so full of wonder.” — Simple person

After two days at Simple, some random thoughts:

They’re unbelievably dedicated to customer service. Part of why I signed on was that I knew this, but I keep finding it’s greater than I thought.

Their customer service people, who are here, in Portland, have no scripts.

No scripts.

They’re free to listen to and help people however they can.

This is so great.

Then, when a co-worker was walking me through some parts of the application, he’d show me something and then some tiny edge case where it was so clear that someone had sweated the details. I said “that is so cool” repeatedly as he demonstrated things.

They’ve managed this under nearly unbelievable constraints, being in the banking industry. And I spent five years at the start of my tech career in telecom. That the product is as surpassingly good as it is is amazing.

I filed my first two bugs against the site today, which should surprise no one who knows me. My first bug was yesterday, against an internal tool.