The side: they don’t make this easy

Here’s my weekend progress.

Business checking: I can’t find a non-horrible bank that has a decent product.

Design: reached out to someone recommended to me. I’d like to have other options, and I have frankly no idea how much to pay.

The code: I’ve got nothing. I was learning Python so I could work with my dad on it, but frankly web2py frightens me and I feel like if I’m going to do any kind of lifting on this, it’ll have to be Ruby, which would have the recommendation of being what work uses, something I have some experience writing in.

There’s a potential disadvantage of having a side project prejudiced by people and decisions at work.

And I’m worried I should be learning Python. Just generally.

But of course, questions like “I’m building a website, what’s the easiest way to get there” are hilariously dumb. I might as well start with Ruby and work from there.