Shogun 300 Review

As a collector of vintage steel bikes, I was delighted to find a Shogun 300 at a bike swap. It had clearly spent the last twenty years in a basement or garage, but cleaned up okay.

What an unremarkable piece of shit. Only the main tubes are double-butted cro-moly (Tange 900 DB, seamed), the fork is a manganese monstrosity that produces a muddy road feel with lack of responsiveness while still managing to transmit road shocks directly to your shoulders. It doesn’t have forged dropouts either.

It has what I believe were at the time low-or-mid-range components which is part of why I’m sure this beast hasn’t been touched in twenty years, because no one who rode this wouldn’t spend the ten dollars to upgrade them.

I’m reluctant to slag on it too much. This was probably as good as they could do for their entry into that segment. But even if I was going to give this to someone as a light or entry bike, I would need all new components or I’d be plagued with guilt.

It’s a reminder of how far we’ve come. This isn’t junk… And it is steel… but an entry-level bike today is so much better. Progress! Of sorts.

It does descend like a brake less freight train coming down from Mt. Shasta, if you need more excitement in your life. Or your life insurance beneficiary is in dire financial straits.

2 thoughts on “Shogun 300 Review

  1. Harry

    I raced bicycles for over 25 years!
    BMX mainly but dabbled in Downhill and Road racing!
    I have over 150 wins several state championships and over 450 awards!
    So maybe just maybe I have some insight here!
    I own a Shogun 300 that I purchased new 30 or so years ago! Still ride it and love it!
    I bought it for the sole purpose of cross training for endurance!
    I would find the tallest hill possible put it in the tallest gear and power up the Hill coast down, then back up! Great bike never let me down!
    Harsh stiff? Yes but for what I was doing with it?….. Perfect!
    Still love it, and even though my racing days are over ( just ride bike paths now) I wouldn’t trade her in for all the tea in China!
    Former owner and racer of many old school bikes!
    SE racing, Kabuki, floval Flyer, Moongoose Pro Class, GT, Schwinn pro modified, I raced them all and loved them!
    “Old School is Cool! New School is keeping up with the Joneses” I raced old School and won Championships!
    It isn’t the Bike it is conditioning that wins races! Best Regards from a former Racer!
    Peace out keep those old school bikes rolling!

  2. Moriss katarivas

    I have a shogun 300 bike (girls bike)it’s been in my garage 25 to 35 years. I want to sell it and don’t know how to do it.
    I olso have FUJI sports 12 (men’s bike) High Tension Steel Tubing 661.
    BOTH BIKES are in my possession.

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