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  1. Tim Brakke

    I just wanted to say that your site changed the way I view baseball completely. I feel that I enjoy it more, understand it more and I live and breathe it year round. I have always enjoyed your contribution and yes like most regular readers noticed that the frequency and depth of your posts had waned over the past year or two. But your body of work is first rate and I very much enjoyed your book ” A Cheaters Guide”, and I was very excited when you were given space in the Seattle PI(?). Finally, a sabermetric voice in the MSM.

    I’ve loved the “USSMariner Events”. They truly have become “events”. The buzz is all over town in regards to your site. The highest compliment that I can pay to you and to USSMariner is that your writing “matters” and the blog site USSMariner “matters”. In my opinion (for whatever it’s worth) few things do matter, including most of the drivel that is put forward as baseball analysis in the MSM.

    Thank you Derek, I look forward to your future work.

    Best Regards,
    Tim (Everettdude)

  2. Kevin

    This makes me suprisingly sad. I have read your baseball writing for the past 5 years. A time frame which included my post-graduate training and part of my post-post graduate training. It’s as much a part of my routine as brushing my teeth.

  3. pensive

    I discovered USSM the end of Summer 2004. As I prefer the Winter the Mariners signed Beltre.

    It has been informative and entertaining. I followed the game threads on WebTv with dial up.

    I had to graduate to Mac powerbooks with high speed connections as up until last year I never watched a game without following game thread. And I watched almost every game televised.

    I’d read USSM at all hours. Sometimes in the early am hours I’d see the awful garbage idiots posted before erased. Your brevity never bothered me.

    As I once posted my feeling is it is like I am in your living room. Your guest. Your house your rules.

    I appreciate your time and effort. Feel melancholy that the asses wore you down.

    You have made a lasting impression.

    Thank you.

    Have to admit that I do miss a few of those very entertaining exchanges between You, Jim Thompsen and sanctimonious young Corco. Really some of those were precious.

  4. erich

    I started checking out USSM in part due to the quality baseball conversation that I can’t here in the UK, and partly because it’s cool that someone I went to elementary school with had such a massive internet presence. The baseball chat kept me coming back every day, and I’ll certainly miss the voice of succinct reason. Thanks, man.

  5. Dan

    After I discovered Rob Neyer (and subsequently BP) I couldn’t read the Seattle paper’s coverage of the M’s anymore, because it was just so WRONG. You guys filled that void and more. Thanks for being right so many times.

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