Wasting my day off, wine, ravioli

Slept in, decided to finally look into DSL service since my provider’s long, long descent into horribleness has led to me being having slow, vastly overcharged. This ended up taking hours, as trying to figure out which provider is least horrible is like trying to decide if you’re better off drilling a hole in your skull using a power drill and one or another sized bit, or if you want to go with a hand-cranked version. It’s all painful and horrible.

Then I went to go buy wine. Garagiste is awesome. Wine Outlet is awesome. Bringing home four cases of crazy, great, cheap wine almost redeems the day. Seattle rocks.

And now I’m going to make (not quite from scratch) ravioli and a nice tomato sauce. After which, I’ll sit down for my scheduled ~7pm appointment with the keyboard to write.