Screaming mini mini update

My Mac Mini project is complete. I am soooo loving it. I’m already barely using my dying PC after only a few days, which is surprising. So here’s the scoop.

1: bought a Mini.
2: bought an ergonomic USB keyboard + mouse, hard drive, and the wrong RAM. What I should have bought was *204* pin RAM, not 240. I can’t believe I did that. It was a great moment when I got the case open (there’s a reason Apple considers it not user-serviceable)
3: installed the better hard drive
4: ordered and waited for the right memory, installed it

I really want to put some kind of massive super-antenna on it now, but I’m going to let that go.

What I ended up with is a fantastically quick, stable-as-a-rock, silent Mac that makes writing or doing dev work a pleasant, quiet activity. I love it, and doing a lot of the work myself, it cost less than I’d figured it’d end up taking to get my PC back up. Sometimes being a geek pays off.