In which I vent about Games for Windows Live and DLC

I can’t wrap my head around how badly this thing is designed. It’s the worst experience I’ve ever had. Any game company that signs on for this instead of (say) Steam deserves to sell zero copies of anything.

The thing:
– there’s a Games for Windows Live standalone client. It sucks. You can log into this, but if you start a GfW-enabled game, like F3, it won’t recognize it… you have to login again.
– if you playing before w/o GfWL, and start playing it with it, you’re screwed for save games etc. Which is nutty.
– for reasons I cannot fathom, Fallout 3 will not connect within the game
– once you decide to use GfWL within Fallout 3, you have a new set of problems..

So pretty much, buying the downloadable content for Fallout 3 went like this:
– go slog through installing a stupid client
– pay some money
– download it
– it doesn’t work
– much frustration

I’m no closer now to playing this than I was when I started. I have zero clue what went wrong, or why, or what to do about it. This is horrible. The value of this expansion so far is like -$50.