I think… I think I have a problem

I’ve written about the Clover (and Starbucks and the Clover) here a couple times, but the short version is the Clover’s this crazy drip coffee maker that well-tended produces an amazingly good cup of coffee in under a minute. Starbucks bought them out and now you can’t purchase them new.

I saw one on ebay (link) selling for $4,000 (with a buy it now price of $18k).

And I kind of stared at it for a while. I emailed the link to fellow Clover people. I reloaded a lot. I started to come up with this plan in my head for how I could make it worthwhile (“…if I had it on my desk at work, I could collect donations for cups and it would only take four, five years…”). I stared at the picture. I wondered if I’d be able to get as good with it as Trabant, say. I looked at the seller’s feedback.

And even now, having realized it’s a little crazy to have spent that much time tossing the idea back and forth, I write this up and think “well, it’s not thaaat crazy, you can see where…”.

Stupid coffee.