Oh, the pain

I can do plumbing, but it’s by far the least favorite home-improvement task. Wait… insulation… no. Plumbing combines all the worst elements: it’s often cold and wet, involves being sprayed in the face, awkward positions, there’s a lot of cuts and skinned knuckles, cramped working conditions, and a certain amount of incomprehensible results, where you can put together a beautiful set of connections and have it leak, take it apart, stare at them and see nothing wrong, and then put it all back together and have it not leak. Drive me batty.

I had the day off today (I have to work tomorrow) so I spent my time working on my kitchen faucet.

Digression: buying an entirely new faucet set is cheaper than calling a plumber to come out and see why your existing faucet doesn’t work unless you bought a really expensive faucet set. It’s almost cheaper to buy a new faucet set than it is to buy a replacement cartridge.

Anyway, so I get the whole thing apart again, figure out that the part I suspect is at fault is almost certainly at fault, and I decide to clean deposits off some of the parts by soaking them in a vinegar solution. Only to discover that in working under the sink, I had taken two cuts, one on the tip of my index finger and another on a knuckle… both of which I managed to briefly immerse in undiluted vinegar.

Fortunately I was the only one at home, so my cursing didn’t result in a citation for disturbing the peace. This is why you pay the plumber.