Raining, pouring

My PC, which has been acting pretty stable after a period of dying a lot, died today pretty thoroughly.

So while contemplating (again) whether I should go order a replacement Mac or PC, I hooked up my beloved MacBook Pro… dead. Dead as Dillinger. I’m writing this while researching reasons the MacBook might not start up on my wife’s laptop and I’m deathly afraid I’ll go 3-3 today.

Update: My laptop’s back up. I feel 90% less dread-filled now. That was a pretty horrible two hours though. The space key, oddly, doesn’t quite work right: the correspondence between press and result is not quite 100% which is making tough typing really annoying. But at least it boots, which is more than I can say for my other box.

1 thought on “Raining, pouring

  1. Carson

    Dude, I offered to hook you up with free software for the Mac to run Windows on USSM. 🙂

    Just pull the trigger. There is a pretty 20inch iMac waiting for you. I could also keep my eye open for an open box return if you like? They usually go fast, but I’ll let you know.

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