I continue to marvel at London’s short days

It’s 4:25 and when I looked outside a couple minutes ago, it was dark.

Sunrise: 7:18 AM
Sunset: 4:12 PM

That’s a 8h 54m day. At its highest, the sun got 20′ off the horizon (making walking south really hard).

A few weeks from now you’ll be able to work an eight hour shift and not see the sun unless you go outside for lunch. For all my complaints about Seattle, that’s a full half hour worse than we get.

Of course, we get overcast skies and rain, and it’s been cold, clear, and sunny here.

1 thought on “I continue to marvel at London’s short days

  1. Evan

    Growing up near Edmonton, AB, I once calculated that on the winter solstice, the highest the sun ever climbs in the sky is 13° above the southern horizon.

    I know how you feel. I couldn’t even go to school and see the sun on the same day.

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