And another cultural conditioning post

I happened across the Lord Mayor parade today, where a ton of (to my American eyes) random groups drove/marched/etc through the streets of London: scouts, unions, trade groups, charities, and so on, and so forth… and a lot of the UK military. Marching around in camo with assault rifles behind the British equivalents of the Girl Scouts. Some of the UK military groups were, say, the fueling group, or the medics, but there were a lot of them like the arctic commandos who went through the parade in a Zodiac, guns pointing out…

And here’s the thing: I saw Children of Men not that long ago. It made it being in that close proximity quite unnerving. When I mentioned this, the lovely and talented Mrs. Zumsteg said “Maybe you shouldn’t watch movies like Children of Men…”

She might have a point. But I don’t think I can.

2 thoughts on “And another cultural conditioning post

  1. Phebe

    “Maybe you shouldn’t watch movies like Children of Men…”
    Can’t tell you how many times these words are spoken (by me) in our household! Right on, Jill! (And thanks to your mom for sending me your Christmas letter and prompting me to find your web site)

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