I went out with my friend Joel today, and we decided to head up the Burke-Gilman from Redmond for a lazy mid-week ride. It was a little cloudy and chilly, but I was shocked at how few people there were – the trail was almost entirely empty. I’ve been on that trail at all hours of day and night, and I’ve almost never seen so few people.

Heading north, we had a nice tailwind as we rode into a long stretch of beautifully redone trail. I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks and only got out on a ride this weekend, so I thought “let’s run this out a little” and took off as fast as I could: maximum effort, spin the pedals as quickly as possible, shift up, maintaining the effort, until finally my legs stopped working.

My top speed came in at 32.6 miles an hour. It felt so great.

Now the return trip into the wind… that was trouble.

1 thought on “32.6

  1. joel

    dude that wind was gusting to 20!

    Coming back, that was probably the only time, since I’ve gotten rid of the training wheels, that I’ve done the speed limit through there.

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