Continuing adventures in awesomeness

Yesterday, I went out for the first extended period in weeks to see the M’s game – I bought my dad nice tickets for his birthday, and while I’m still not feeling great, I wasn’t going to miss it. We went to Elysian, so my dad had great food and delicious beer and I watched, then we saw the debacle of that game, which was amusing. The whole time I’m a little uncomfortable because they’ve got me on drugs that make me a little dizzy, which is a strange sensation. Tough day.

Anyway, I get home starving, thirsty, and tired, and find that one of the connections under the sink’s given up the ghost and is spraying water everywhere, and I end up replacing two connections, the sink’s P-trap, and the whole faucet assembly. I didn’t get to bed until one.

This is to the point where I start laughing when this stuff happens.