New digs

This is the new, rapidly-improving home of HLWT. I’ll be back in a minute.

This look is “Benevolence” and is, with a couple twakes, a theme that I desperately wanted to use for USSM. It was up on USSM for a little while on a weekend while I was tinkering and people flipped out with happiness.  It is a little hard-to-read, though. Anyway.

I look forward to being able to play around with WordPress plugins I can’t date tinker with on a much higher-profile site like USSM.

2 thoughts on “New digs

  1. Scraps

    Hey, the copyright boilerplate at the bottom of your blog says that Hate Life, Will Travel — not just the theme, but your blog — is copyright Theron Parlin.

    I came over here to mention that I’m continually astonished how free bozos seem to feel to insult you or be unwarrantedly sarcastic or passive-aggressively assholish over at USSM. You guys put up with crap I’d never tolerate. I guess that’s part of the price of having a huge audience, but I couldn’t let shit like that go. You have my respect and sympathy.

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