I finally got to play one of these, and I have a couple things to say:
– the control is a lot finer than I’d been led to expect from coverage
– Wii Sports is great fun to play
– I haven’t been that giddy playing a game in ages
– Playing games I felt more responsible for the results than ever
– Going back to my PS2 felt boring, like I wasn’t really doing anything

I loved it, and for the first time I really felt like I understood the schism people’ve been talking about: playing on the Wii is casual, easy to pick up, it’s fun and funny, in a way that I’ve never seen before. I don’t know if the novelty will wear off, or if developers will exploit it, but I’m unemployed and ever since I picked up the controller and swung a bat in Wii baseball, I’ve been even more obsessed with finding one. It’s so much fun.

8 thoughts on “Wii

  1. Evan

    Man, when you get up near the pro level in Tennis, you start playing these 1500-point AI players that have telekinesis or some shit. They start bending time and space and the ball starts curving two different directions during the same lob.

    It is, as a wise man once said, bananas.

  2. Jon

    I just ended up calling a bunch of places, and almost all of them said they were out and didn’t know when they’d get any. Finally, the Toys R Us in Bellevue had some in stock and I jumped all over it. Bowling is a really fun, social game, and Zelda has been amazing so far.

  3. Anonymous

    I was lucky enough to get one and I agree completely with everything you said. I haven’t touched my XBox since I got a Wii. Even making the characters is a blast! Cheryl and I had some friends over and we spent hours laughing and making Miis for all of our friends. Wii Sports is awesome! Funny how the baseball field looks just like Safeco…
    I really can’t wait for a MLB baseball game, though!
    Ooh, and I heard that the golf course is the same course layout for the original NES “Golf”
    I hope you find one soon!
    -Conor Glassey

  4. DMZ

    Oh man, you guys aren’t helping. Neither was seeing Conan last night by chance, when he played Serena Williams.

    I had a look around some local places today and didn’t find one. But then I’m unemployed, I probably shouldn’t be in the market for consumer electronics anyway.

    But I waaaaaaaaaant one.

  5. jon

    The other obvious advantage to the Wii is the virtual console, through which you can buy and download games from previous Nintendo consoles (and the Sega Genesis). Right now, I have my heart set on Super Mario World from the Super Nintendo.

  6. Phil

    The Wii is totally worth it. Yeah, there are ways to kinda cheat the system (wrist flicking to accomplish the same thing that a full arm swing would do) but, really, when you’re playing the Wii, you don’t WANT to cheat.

    The Wii Sports is enough to keep you occupied for hours (the first day I had my Wii, I played for 12 hours straight). I’ve finally opened Zelda, and am enjoying the hell out of that game, too.

    When the royalties from the book start racking up, Derek, your first purchase should be a Wii.

  7. PositivePaul

    Heh, when Corco and I were at FanFest during the Howard Lincoln/Chuck Armstrong, I totally raised my hand when they were bringing around the mike. I was going to ask Howard when he was going to arrange sending a Wii to the USSM folks (specifically DMZ). Of course, the mike never came, so, there ya go.

    Well, Corco thought it was a good idea. And, yeah, I know that Howard probably has no clue who USSM and DMZ are. Didn’t feel like it was an appropriate question to ask Bavasi…

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