On another pointless MNF interview

“As you know many kids enjoy watching Monday Night Football. We have one of those kids here now. Little Billy of New York. Hey Billy, how are you tonight?
“Okay, I guess.”
“Billy, can you tell me why you’re here in the booth?”
“Uh, my dad is the President of ABC? Duhhhhh.”
“That’s right, and his name is stamped on our paychecks. How are you enjoying the game?”
“It’s okay, I guess.”
“Which team do you like?”
“I don’t know. I’d rather be playing Gears of War on my Xbox. Oh, can I say something to my friend?”
“Sure, why not? You obviously could buy and sell us all.”
“Hey Jimmy, you suck, you’re a fag, you didn’t beat me my controller died, you never could beat me if it was fair and you know that you fag.”
“Uh, and it looks like the Giants will be punting.”