This where I depart the train

I’ve used Microsoft operating systems for most of my computing life. It goes
(Dos flavors)
Windows –> etc

Oh, I’ve flirted with Linux boxes, but the desktop I do my writing on has always been some Microsoft product. That’s ending.

In recent versions, I’ve been willing to tolerate some distressing functionality because I really like Win XP compared to all the past versions. But the creeping DRM’s been annoying me. It’s a whole other rant.

Anyway, I’ve followed Vista’s development for a while as an interested guy, and the news that it’ll let you install it only once after the initial installation

I already own a set of matched Win XP discs because of authentication/serial number issues. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this. And that’s on top of the wrangling I’ve had to do when XP’s decided that my latest upgrade is one too many and I have to call in again. There is no fucking way I’m rolling over for this. Maybe I’ll stay with XP, and maybe I’ll move back into rolling some Linux distributions in the world of minimal usability, and maybe I’m going to use my beautiful MacBook Pro as my box until Apple forces the issue on their own.

But that’s it. From a article:

[Shanen Boettcher, a general manager in Microsoft’s Windows Vista unit] said that Microsoft has heard some concerns regarding virtual machine issues, but doesn’t think the license changes represent a threat to Vista sales. “It hasn’t come up as any kind of a blocker for adoption,” he said.

Well, here’s one. I can’t believe there aren’t others, but mark me up as the first if no one else has come forward.

And don’t tell me that if I’m all anti-DRM I shouldn’t buy an HDTV, or an X-Box 360, or whatever else has crippleware built in: I’m not buying them either. Either years down the road kids are going to point at me and laugh at the lame guy who only reads books that don’t self-ignite after reading and doesn’t have a Holoplayer or whatever, or this thing’s going to turn around and consumers are going to start getting devices that work like they want them to work.

Either way, I won’t have upgraded to the newest and greatest Microsoft operating system for the first time I can remember.

4 thoughts on “This where I depart the train

  1. joel

    Yum. Wait until you get to the BIOS locks and Trusted Computing Module stuff (some truely scary marketing docs on the atmel web site..). You thought licensing was neat-o, wait until your PC is identifiable on a pre-OS level. I’m gong with massivly parallel Apple IIGS array!

  2. David J. Corcoran

    Having just moved over to Ubuntu (admittedly I’m still dual-booting Windows “just in case”), I am finding that it has support or support is available for a LOT more hardware than in years past, is entirely compatible for Microsoft, and the usability is a lot more than I would have expected. The internet is beautiful. Anything you want Linux to do, somebody has already wrote up the application. I’ve fired up Windows once in the week that I’ve had Ubuntu, and it was only to download a wireless card driver for my card for Ubuntu. It’s worth it. Move over.

  3. Replacement Level Poster

    This post is somewhat old but I thought I’d chime in as well.

    Give a flavor of Ubuntu a try, I use Kubuntu at home now. It just has a KDE desktop instead of Gnome, but its pretty close to Ubuntu otherwise. Its Debian based.

    I’m using the x64 bit version since I have a AMD 64 bit processor, but I’d recommend for now using a 32 bit version even if you have a 64 bit processor. There are some programs not written to support the 64 bit platform, you can get around it pretty easily, but the hassle isn’t really worth it.

    I dual boot, but I only login to windows xp if I want to play a game. Other than that linux has everything that you need.

    Like DJC said, is great!

    Give it a try, its easier than you expect, plus with your background (or what I think your background is) you should really have little to no trouble making the switch.

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