The Norm Cash Double

or, Derek’s Cheater’s Guide Drinking Guide

When I was working almost 16-hour days during the home stretch (July-August) I used to make these when I was taking a break. I don’t recommend this at all, as it seems likely it has the same horrible side-effects that alcohol-with-energy-drinks do. Except that there’s no taurine.

Anyway, I used to drink this at 9, 10, when I was running out of steam and also really stressed out, and it did the trick for the last half-shift of writing.

The Norm Cash Double

– Using your Aerobie Aeropress or the method of your choice, make two espresso shots with a nice Sumatran bean. Don’t skimp on the quality of the coffee. Pour into glass.
– Pour in equal measure of good-quality Irish cream liquor.
– Drink warm.

Really nice taste, mellowing effects, plus it’ll keep the eyelids peeled.

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