Al Gore is following me

I’m in Europe, Expedia launches my cool carbon credit thing (fight global warming!) and Al Gore’s hanging around. He was in Edinburgh with me, and he’s been running around the UK praising the country for trying to beat its Kyoto obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

I’m a fan. I know Gore’s a pretty polarizing guy, but I was a fan back when he was leading nuclear arms reduction pushes from the Senate, and I’m still a fan.

Anyway, while here, I’ve been trying to read all the papers I can, and I came across a London Times editorial that argued – in print! In the Times! that argued that we couldn’t really know if global warming was man-made until NASA got some more satellites up, since it could just be the sun.

This is one of the big myths of the global warming ostrich crowd (part of the “we don’t know enough to act yet” bundle), and pretty easily debunked. And yet I had to wonder – Al Gore’s in town, the UK’s doing good work, and they ran that editorial? Why?

(as an aside, since I can write endless annoying asides on my blog – run a google search for “global warming myth” and you’ll get one of the more disturbing sets of results I’ve ever seen)

Anyway, hi Al! We should chat sometime about creating market-based incentives for greenhouse reduction. I know what I’m talking about, I got something out there (well, sorta, since I wasn’t there for the implementation) — drop me a line.

Or… does anyone know him? Want to give me an intro?

I started a longer post on the carbon credit thing I hope to post today. Later dudes.

3 thoughts on “Al Gore is following me

  1. Anonymous

    Ah, don’t bother with the Times. It turned very bland and yuppy ages ago. Personally I can’t stand it, a paper that appeals to the very aspirational people we see everywhere in London (sweeping generalisation, but still).

    For a leftish view you’ll need to read either the Guardian (quite balanced and well written) or the Independent (politics are a bit studenty, but they lead with global warming and similar issues about 20 times as often as other papers, often devoting front pages for entire weeks to these problems).

  2. DMZ

    I read the Guardian, it was nice. My favorite paper so far’s been the Private Eye — but that’s a whole other post. Thanks.

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