Life of a good idea, horrible moment

So the whole time I was shopping this thing, one of the points I kept pounding was ‘We have to do this if for no other reason that it’s cheap and the companies who come second get no benefit’

Travelocity just did a version of it, and I still haven’t seen an Expedia press release.

Today, many of us recycle and walk, bike, or take public transportation when we can, but there’s still no way to get across the country or ocean in time for that important meeting or family event – or to reach that great vacation spot out of driving distance– unless we get on a plane. And while air travel is considered a contributor to the carbon dioxide emissions that lead to global warming, now there’s something you can do to offset the negative environmental impact of your travel: by contributing to The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program, you can effectively offset the CO2 emissions of your entire trip.

So first-mover advantage is gone… hopefully they can still salvage some good from this.

I’ll have somthing more substantial to say later, but my first reaction is (as you’d expect) ‘If they’d listened to the good idea immediately and moved on it, they’d have deployed long ahead of the competition.’

It’s another point in favor of working somewhere really small or, barring that, really agile. I guess my former employer wasn’t it. This sucks.