McGraw down

That dead bastard. ~23 pages. I submitted a draft w/o those touches (and a string of other errata) if my editor wants to look over the completed rewrites. I’d call this another beta version, but a much improved one. If I had those chapters done (maybe tomorrow) I’d call it a Release Candidate.

But they’re not, and I’m tired. What I wouldn’t do for Lexis-Nexis access. I can’t believe how much money they want for that thing. Dammit.

3 thoughts on “McGraw down

  1. Anonymous

    Have you thought of seeing if anyone out there is a UW student who could let you use their access to Lexis?

  2. Anonymous

    Have you tried using LexisNexis’ ala carte service? It seems you can search for free (not sure if it covers their whole catalog) and buy the individual articles returned for about 3 bucks a piece.

  3. DMZ

    My problem with buying ala carte is that I’m essentially unemployed and can’t afford it, especially since I really need many, many articles.

    Which, now that I think about it, kind of firmly establishes what my time is worth: < whatever $3/article would save me. That's depressing.

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