Quitting time

I turned in my notice today and it was an interesting experiment in informal networks. I went in early to prep (I had figured there was about a 25% chance I’d be escorted out) and sent my formal email to
– my boss
– my team leader (well, kind of, as much as Scrum has team leaders)

Then I let three of my friends know. Then I went out to the hall to talk to my scrum master, and *bam* someone a degree away walked by and he knew, despite me being with one of the three people that might have possibly told him.

That was the rest of my day — ricochets. There’s a program manager I used to work for in another group I have an immense amount of respect for (and feel like I owe a lot to) and I wanted to talk to personally after I’d given notice, but that was impossible as being a super program manager and having amazing powers of telepathy, she somehow knew immediately and sent *me* an email. I joked with her that the only way I could have managed to talk to her ahead of the news would have been to discuss it five, ten minutes ahead of turning anything in.

What’s interesting, though, is that it reached a certain number of people and then stopped entirely. So a large portion of the people I work with know, and the rest don’t, because it hasn’t been formally announced yet (and no one reads this).

I wish there was a way I could have mapped the spread of the news. It would have proved interesting.

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