Open space

Soooo I don’t hate it. Well, I do hate it. I hate some of it.

The hate:
– Can be really loud
– Gets even louder than that at times
– Hard to concentrate
– 3′ of desk space means effectively no desk space
– Uncomfortable

The good:
– It is nice to hang out with the team I’m working with all the time. I really like them, and we seem to have a pretty good sense of humor
– It’s good to be in on all the team conversations and decisions
– Bonding. Awwww.

Overall, it’s really made me wish there was a compromise solution. I wouldn’t mind an open space environment for a small team, with some meeting space. But this thing, where we’ve got… 30, 40 people in a huge room? This just isn’t right.

2 thoughts on “Open space

  1. Scraps

    I just read that you’ve left. I’m sorry — assuming that’s the appropriate sentiment.

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