Life of a good idea 5: the long pass

I worked out a refined one-page summary of the idea today in preparation for having it pitched to the big execs. Now it’s got a five-second summary, a 30s pitch, and a nice set of high-level “what does this do for us” explanations. I’m happy.

People who’ve seen it keep mentioning it — even people I didn’t distribute it to directly. This keeps me happy as I pound the idea out. I feel like I’m making a katana the old-fashioned way, banging a piece of metal flat, folding it over, banging the folded sheet flat, folding it, over and over so that when someone gets their 5s or 30s or 10m with the president the idea will be perfectly formed.

I scan the news every day looking for announcements that someone else has done it. If we don’t get this out soon I’m going to show up for my next physical with a blood pressure spike that’ll scare the nurses.