Five years of lost words

I’ve been writing for work for seven years now, and I realized today that as much as I get depressed about the futility of blogging, I should be down about what I’ve left behind. For five years at AT&T Wireless, I wrote test plans with jokes, functional specs with poetic cadences, filed some beautifully written bugs, and once wrote up a request for us to develop a cloning machine as a way to open discussion on how woefully understaffed my team was. And it’s all lost: the chances that anyone who even still works there could practically access any of them is extremely small.

I was surprised, when I realized this, at how bad it made me feel. I wrote for much of the day, every day, since I went into software development, and I can’t share any of it, no matter how well I did. That’s sad, and an argument to freelance and license it all under an open source agreement or something — to at least leave artifacts for others.