Google ad scams

I’ve been playing around with Google’s AdSense over at USSM, tinkering with various layouts and trying to see if it’s possible to scrape up enough money to pay for a server upgrade.

It’s been kind of a pain, for a variety of reasons.

Anyway. One of the things I hate is the ads for places offering “free” stuff if you complete 20 offers. So I use the competitive ad filter to block them.

The problem is, the same place runs a ton of these as different companies. So you may get Google putting up racks of essentially the same ad from nominally different companies. is is

Compare, for instance, their terms of service.

They’re all exactly the same company. They place the same ads. But I have to block each one of them, using one of my limited filters. Ugh.

Also: man, we are not earning money off AdSense.