Public and private space

I have trouble trying to write here in part because I know that writing about work is going to get back to work, and right now, work dominates my life. I’m reluctant to even say that I’m really stressed out about work, because that implies that things aren’t going well, and that… you see where I’m going.

This is interesting because here’s a situation where online community can’t cover: I can go out with a friend and whine my head off, and no harm done. Email to trusted parties is a little more reliable, but there’s pretty clearly a line between discretion and disclosure.

Acceptable level of whining:

Over a beer –> Over a blog
I hate my life –> I could be better

This was all easier when I worked for a huge telecom that was largely blind to this sort of thing, and I didn’t care if my job was affected.

Stupid internet.