Ow, ow, ow

I’ve been working on SecretApp 2000, which involves trying to re-learn development and all that good stuff, plus it’s been winter… so today, the weather’s nice, it’s not freezing, I put on the gear, pumped up the bike tires, and ripped off a 50-miler for the first ride in months.

Nearly got taken out by a car again — some dude inexplicably thought he could make a left turn from the other direction *through* me. I don’t know if he just didn’t see me or what, but I’m a tall dude and I had some bright colors on.

Yeah. Good fun for the first 40, which surprised even me. Then it got bad. The problem with where I live is that any significant ride requires me to descend first — Lake Sammamish loop, hooking up with the Burke-Gilman, doing the Lake Washington loop, heading out to Duvall — and that means that at the end of my 20-40-60-100 mile ride, I come back and right before I get home I have to take a hellish climb. It’s always nice.

I’ve been meaning to put up more business posts, but I’m always leary of having my day job perk up. But there’s stuff brewing hopefully for this week.