eBay confuses, lies

I log in to sell something. Every time I sell, it prompts me to sign up for automatic payments. If I cancel, I’m dumped out of the process.

There’s no notification anywhere that I have to sign up. But I do. There’s no other way.

No big deal. I sign up. PayPal’s page then tells me that

“You can review this billing agreement or cancel automatic PayPal payments at any time by going to your PayPal Profile and clicking the Preapproved Payments link or by modifying your eBay Seller Account preferences.”

Except that I can’t: there’s no link anywhere on the ebay seller account to do this.

I don’t understand how stuff like this goes live: do they seriously not have anyone doing QA at all to look for cases like “instructions point to non-existant option” and “user is able to sell something”?

And now, of course, ebay’s got a hook into my wallet. Which is reassuring because they are so trustworthy and all.