Cinder Cone Red is back!


I love this beer!

I got into Descutes beers because while at was working at AT&T Wireless, my team would go out on Fridays to a bar in downtown Bothell (such as it is) and drink Black Butte Porter while we bitched about the week, joked, and argued about random stuff. There were other beers available I liked more, but that was the group beer, and over time I grew to appreciate it. Every time I get it now, I think about those dudes, and how I miss working with them.

I saw a 12-pack of the red for under $12 this week. If you have the chance, I highly recommend it.

One thought on “Cinder Cone Red is back!

  1. dclossey

    I was in Portland on business this week, and had a Mill Pond (or was it Mirror Pond?) Pale Ale. Great beer, stood up well to the rich German food I had. I’ll have to look for it here on the East Coast.

    Another West Coast beer I love that I can’t find here – Anderson Valley Winter Solstice.

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