Criminals run wild

If I announced, every day, that I was going to go steal a car off of a dealer’s lot, and then I did it, and left a business card with my fingerprints on it and a picture of me stealing the car, how long would it be before I was thrown in jail? A day? Two days?

But if you’re a spammer, or a fax spammer for that matter, you can get away with this. I’m baffled as to why this is the case.

USSM got beaten up recently when a spammer (or group of them) used an exploit in our site’s software (WordPress) to send out all kinds of horrible advertisements. This required our hosting company to shut us down, patch the server, after which I had to put down the beer bottle and book I was reading and go upgrade the whole site to a new version.

In a sense, it’s like having someone break into your house — you’ve got to go fix the window, go through the inventory… except that the cops don’t care.

This amazes me. I know they don’t really do a whole lot to catch a car thief, but it’s as if they steal your car and use it to drive around holding up convenience stores, and the cops are okay with both the theft and the hold-ups.