Barring women from combat

I know web polls are garbage. And yet on the History Channel’s web page today, I came across this whopper:

Should female troops be barred from engaging in ground combat in all branches of the military?

Wow. That’s a terrible question. The results?

46% 5810 votes
54% 6823 votes
Total Votes: 12,633

I have two things to say here.

First, women are already in combat. The only issue is whether we acknowledge this or not. They may not serve in infantry platoons, but they’re the gunners in HUMVEE convoys, they’re being ambushed, shelled, bombed, and they’re shooting back. Pretending that this isn’t the case only denies them recognition for what they endure.

Second, barring women from combat means nothing. Do people think that the people ambushing, shelling, and bombing American troops would respect a declaration that female soldiers aren’t supposed to be in combat? Should those women stand around and do their nails until someone comes by and puts the bullet into the forehead up close and personal?

As a country, we need to acknowledge what’s going on — women are already in combat. Combat doesn’t respect artificial distinctions between combat and non-combat designations, and it wouldn’t respect a rule barring them from combat. If you allow women into the military at all, you’ve allowed them into combat. We should give them their due respect.

1 thought on “Barring women from combat

  1. JS

    This has more to do with devaluing the role of women in America. You may find this point of view to be old-fashioned,traditional or sexist but I believe it to be correct. Women and Men are different. One must accept this premise. The sexes are different for a reason. Women are to be our caretakers and our nurturers. Some take that as an insult. It’s not. I respect women and the role they were created to fulfill, remember Men and Women are different. Their role is most important in the family. They have the most important job in our society. If women are brought down to Men’s level, you are disservicing our society and insulting their place on our society. I am in the military and the things that some people see should not be seen by our women. These are things that Men should’nt even see. These are awful things that our Mothers and sisters should never have to witness.

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