Psychonauts, part 2

My experience playing Psychonauts:
Love, love, love (repeat)
Last level: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate, boiling frustration, near-controller-tossing rage, giving finger to monitor, swearing loudly
Then looooooooove.

The game goes from being fun and challenging to frustrating and nearly impossible in the last level. Disappointing and also baffling — how can someone make a great game and then right at the end take a turn to “awful”? Didn’t someone test it?

One of the best games I’ve played in years. The story is great, the dialogue is outstanding, it’s got a genuinely funny sense of humor, it’s clever, and there’s only one stretch that made me think about quitting… and then the ending’s worth it. Loved, loved, loved Psychonauts, and I wish it all the success and sales in the world.