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Sam Adam’s Light

First, I’m a huge beer drinker. There’s a good chance that if a bar has fifty taps I’ll have tried them all, and if not, I’m going to start down the list.

Second, I’m not a beer snob. When I had money, I loved my Deschutes beers, and Anchor Steam is my favorite beer, but I’m happy to crack open a can of Budweiser at a barbecue or have an MGD with my father-in-law, who only buys Miller.

This is a valuable trait: I’ve been unemployed since July to write the book. I’ve been shopping off the right-hand side of the beer aisle for a long time. If I could only buy the most expensive beers, I’d have gone insane.

Anyway. I always used to make fun of Samuel Adams, because:
– they pretend to be a microbrew but really, they’re brewed by the same regional breweries turning out Mickey’s and all the other huge brands
– they advertise like crazy, and I distrust brands with huge marketing budgets
– their advertising annoys me

But at a really great party, they had Sam Adams Light handy, and a sucker for trying new beers, I tried it. It’s easily the best light beer I’ve ever had. It’s tasty, balanced, drinkable, and if I hadn’t looked at the label, I wouldn’t have suspected it was a light beer at all. I liked it.

Which meant that all of their advertising for it, which I hate, was totally, entirely, correct.

Crow, as it turns out, tastes pretty good paired with Sam Adams Light.