1 thought on “So it’s not just me then, good

  1. ibikenyc

    Hey, I’m a big fan of the USSMariner and seeing the reach of that blog inspired me to start my own. I’ve been up for just a few weeks, but am having a great time with it.
    I’ve been to Bellevue and suburban Seattle a couple of times, and am not a huge fan. Cities that grew up with the automobile tend to be pretty crappy places for people walking or biking. New York on the other hand is becoming more and more bike friendly every year. I currently work for the NYC department of transportation bike program which installs bike racks and bike lanes and produces the annual bike map. Anyway, best of luck with biking in Bellevue, and check out my site: http://www.ibikenyc.com, If you have a chance to plug me on USSM, I won’t mind. There’s even a baseball related angle: I’ve been promoting the site by putting my URL and Logo on old 1989 upper deck baseball cards and sticking them into spokes.

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